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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 21, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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martha: we hope to get some answers from that letter. bill: that is up for us on "america' newsroom." we hope you have a great thanksgiving. martha: "happening now" happens right now. jenna: breaking news this hour. jon: so much for a cease-fire. violence between israel and hamas. iran says it's given the terrorist group them with technology to manufacture rockets more quickly. and general petraeus and his testimony on the benghazi attack could be a bombshell on those talking points. plus, planes, trains, and automobiles. how holiday travelers are faring on this massive getaway day all around this great country. it is all "happening now" ♪ ♪
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jon: a new terror attack on tel aviv. good morning, i am jon scott. jenna: i am jenna lee. the bombing of a bus moving more than two dozen people. while no one has claimed responsibility, gunfire rang out in gaza and hamas rulers there raid for the attack. the deputy prime minister called it the first in the nation since 2004. an escalation in the gaza conflict. this conflict overnight. in the meantime hamas bringing the total to some 1400. since the crisis began a little bit more than a week ago. all of this is happening and secretary of state clinton has gone to egypt and the west bank
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helped broker a cease-fire deal. joining us now is michael oren who is is really ambassador to the united states it's great to have you with us today. >> good to be with you too, jenna. jenna: what information you have about the bombing? >> we don't know who is responsible yet, but we do know that hamas is celebrating. giving out candy to children, you can go on youtube and see that hamas supporters saying that they want more israeli body bags. it is about genocidal groups in gaza trying to kill the maximum number of israelis, while we are trying to defend ourselves and reduce the palestinian civilian casualties to the greatest extent that we can. the terrorists are digging in behind us million population. jenna: how has the cease fire talks been going?
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>> they have not been going well. they are discussing a long-term arrangement to put in a mechanism that prevent hamas from shooting at our population and paralyzing half the country. also stopping iran from smuggling long-range missiles into gaza. it is supposed to hit tel aviv and jerusalem as well speak to talk about a cease-fire negotiation and share with us what you can. on a very surface level, we all understand these fire means everyone stops firing rockets at each other. you mentioned other problems that are important to israel. and the survival of your stay. what is imperative to the cease-fire negotiation to get israel to agree? >> it is imperative, first of all, that the firing stopped. the prime minister visited gaza and we declared a unilateral
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cease-fire. we stopped all shooting. hamas took advantage of that. fifty rockets at southern israel. that has to stop right off the bat. we also have to put into place a mechanism involving other regional actors, that will prevent the terrorists from shooting 20 rockets every week to completely disrupt the lives of israelis. he keeps schools closed. we have to find a way of blocking the rate of smuggling. smuggling sophisticated arms from iran, including long-range missiles across the desert into gaza. jenna: do you think agent is conflicted in that? the president mohammed morsi knows that this is happening? >> i will put it this way. the weaponry goes to the red sea from iran. they also come from libya and at certain points, they all cost to
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egyptian territory. certainly, there is a responsibility to step up to the plate and stop the smuggling. egypt has been constructed from the past. we hope they will continue to fulfill this role now in the future. jenna: i ask that question because we know how important this relationship is for your country and all of ours. i want to talk about "the new york times" article that he wrote about today. it was published and he said that hamas is not interested in peace. they want violence and they want to promote terror. it is not a rational thing according to the way that you laid this out. why negotiate at all through any here in this region? >> they don't want to negotiate at all, they don't want to speak with us. they want to destroy us. they don't actually want to just kill israelis, but jews throughout the world. they are a genocide organization. but they can negotiate with egypt and others where hamas
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does not have free reign to shoot at us and they don't have access to iranian rockets. jenna: you said that they don't have free range to fire the rockets, but with or without hamas's ideology, beyond just the immediate, what you do about that ideology? howdy when? >> the question that i thought to ask in "the new york times" article. winning means he sent a message to hamas. if they shoot at our citizens, they will pay a very heavy price they have to be reminded periodically. it is unfortunate that that's the way we live. israel is a fantastic country, a
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leader in high-tech technology. we have done is because every once in a while we have had to remind those who want to destroy us that the very heavy price for shooting at our citizens as their. jenna: it's a reminder of the violence? >> we can remind them about diplomacy, but if that doesn't work, we have to take all legitimate and necessary means to defend our citizens. that is what any state would do, certainly a state in our neighborhood. jenna: ambassador, thank you for your time. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you and have a great thanksgiving. jon: the u.s. condemns the bus bombing as a terror attack. secretary hillary clinton is working hard on brokering a cease-fire deal. she has met with israeli and palestinian leaders. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more. reporter: that's right, a double duty for the outgoing secretary of state. last night she was in a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. this morning, very early, meeting with the palestinian
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president and actually went back to israel to meet again with benjamin netanyahu. she also met with mohammed morsi. from a u.s. perspective, president obama is weeks away from being sworn in for his second term. they are hoping to bring peace of some kind and they hold that they have some kind of a short-term solution. they are looking for something and that is eluding them right now. jon: the hopes have been complicated by the relationship with egypt, which is not what
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you you you see. how does the u.s. have agreed that? >> you have president morsi secretary clinton is talking right now. there are questions about whether he can be trusted, what kind of a player he believed there a lot different from president hosting this file was seen as a pillar in the region in terms of bringing all sides together. don't forget that it was two months for the president obama said that egypt was no longer an ally. your shape views on outside the one i'm sure it can. the two leon panetta, the
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defense secretary, commenting on the attack while giving a speech on outside. >> we are also concerned about libya. violent extremists and affiliates of al qaeda. attacked and killed innocent americans in poverty. respect to that attack, let me be clear. you work he will work with the libyan government to bring to justice those who perpetrated those attacks. jenna: making those remarks in washington, we are learning new information about the intelligence community talking points on the events of that day. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. reporter: think you, thank you. good morning. we have the reaction from a republican senator who said that he sat on testimony last week and the director of national intelligence insisted that he did not know who was responsible for who was changing the talking points. this episode is another reason
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why many of us are so frustrated with and suspicious of the actions of this administration when it comes to the benghazi attack. on thursday, in classified sessions, james clapper was saying that it was unequivocal the changes were made and he didn't know who was responsible. now he says the intelligence community was solely responsible for changes, including stripping out languages about al qaeda. to anyone who is listening, it was clear from general petraeus and others who testified last week that the talking points were amended to protect permission and subject to any political spending. the administration of the attack blamed a video or benghazi being attacked by terrorists. the one james clapper and
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whether he pressed it on the white house and others in the intelligence community, it is a question of did he do that at the direction of the white house? reporter: they want specifics on this new timeline. comments in response made by lawmakers or calls and e-mails were not responded to. jenna: catherine herridge, thank you so much. jon: the old fiscal cliff is still hanging out there. new perspective on the political implications. the risk for the president as well as democrats if lawmakers do not reach a deal. and it will cost you more to drive over to grandma's house for thanksgiving. plus, it is way beyond your control could make travel even more expensive. all coming up on "happening now." can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right.
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jon: it will cost you more to drive during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. on this day before thanksgiving, drivers are paying an average of $3.42 per gallon of regular gas, 7 cents more than a year ago. we are our prices headed up? will the conflict in the middle east cost you more the pump? fox business network sandra smith is here with more. reporter: well, the bad news from you already gave it. prices are higher than they were at the same time last year. the good news is that prices have been falling just in time for the thanksgiving holiday season at $3.42 per gallon. prices are down about three pennies from where they were just a week ago. a full 8 cents lower than theye. it could not come at a better time. aaa is forecasting that 44 million americans will travel
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50 or more miles this thanksgiving weekend. that is up from last year. 90% of those travelers will travel by car. now, the big question that we have been posing, where our oil and gas prices going to be at for the year? the response will be the gridlock over the fiscal cliff. they believe that there will be a compromise and that will lead to higher oil and gasoline prices, many of them are predicting back to 90 or above dollars per barrel, gasoline, there is a lot of talk in the middle east that will continue to put a premium at the prices have become. all that will play a part in pushing prices higher throughout the year. one thing that they do say is that with lower prices, if we were to fall off the fiscal cliff, altogether, not too many are hoping that will actually happen. jon: that doesn't sound good,
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but jenna invited the entire staff to her apartment for thanksgiving. so we can all get there. [laughter] jenna: back to our big story today from the united nations security council condemning the escalating violence between hamas and israel. the statement was blocked by the united states. our country says the u.n. is missing the cause of this crisis. but what is the un's role on this price overall? we will talk to john bolton asked about that. and a world boxing to be fighting for his life after he was shot in the face. we are live at the breaking news desk of that story
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jenna: rating news from the world of sports. a former boxing champion shot
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and injured. rick folbaum has the details. reporter: this is really so bad. one of the sport's biggest former stars apparently in bad shape. hector macho camacho. he won a string of titles back in the 80s and 90s. they were the victims of a drive-by shooting in camacho's native puerto rico. this is last night, there he is, his friend was killed. he was reportedly shot in the face and he is on life-support. one of his former managers tells the ap that he is on life-support and his mother is flying in to decide whether or not to take them off of life support. he was a guy with a powerful punch who went up against the likes of oscar de la hoya, sugar ray leonard, and the professional fight was back in 2008 and he won. he is now, fighting for his
8:23 am
life. as we learn more, we will pass it along. jon: let's talk more about the crisis in gaza. the u.s. blocked a security council statement condemning what happened in gaza, because it failed to address the real problem, hamas rocket attacks. they accused the u.s. of filibustering. joining us now is ambassador john bolton. if you had been at that post, if you had been the ambassador, you would've done exactly the same thing, right? block this statement? >> yes, exactly, this is part of the theater that goes on in new york in the security council whenever there are hostilities like this. the text of this statement was very one-sided and the administration was correct to block it.
8:24 am
jon: it basically blamed israel for using violence and bombing in response to the attack? >> yes, it is a typical moral equivalent that you see at the u.n. you have terror at the one end, self defense by the israelis on the other, and it turns out that it is the israelis fault. jon: president obama says he wants to have more flexibility after this election. russia is proposing a solution? >> yes, they are showing why it hasn't changed anything. the presidential statement is pretty and insignificant. a security council resolution is much more significant. what the russians are doing is clearly pushing something that they know the united states will have to veto. what they are trying to do is isolate and embarrass the united states at least so far, pushing where we will have to have a
8:25 am
veto. if i were out there, i would enjoy doing it. i'm not sure the administration will enjoy it, but i suspect it will be till it in any event. jon: so the veto is the same as the statement and the u.s. would have to certainly almost veto it? >> yes, in a public way, not and that's what the russians are trying to do. they are trying to have this additional thing in new york. they are obviously having political reasons for the russians to do this. jon: stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, why is hamas going after and launching these rockets now. does it have something to do with iran and the nuclear capabilities? >> i suspect there are various motives behind the attacks. certainly, one of them is the fact that we now know iran has supplied hamas with these rockets that have the range to reach tel aviv and jerusalem.
8:26 am
iran is demonstrating that both hamas and the gaza strip and hezbollah and lebanon have the capability to hit any civilian target in israel. that is designed to focus israel's attention and deter israel from a decision to go after the iranian nuclear weapons program. just as a simple matter of physics, the israeli air force cannot be in three places at the same time and cannot be attacking the iranian nuclear program while suppressing rocket fire from hezbollah and hamas. jon: ambassador john bolton joining us this morning. thank you. jenna: we are on the eve of the thanksgiving holiday. some u.s. businesses are in major showdowns with unions. we will tell you how this can disrupt your travel and your shopping over the next couple of days or weeks. plus, a very busy day.
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what about the train stations? we can't forget about them. a live report from union station as hundreds of thousands try to make it home for the holidays.
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jenna: welcome back, everyone. union showdowns on some u.s. businesses and we are watching what could be developing. big arguments between major companies just in time for the
8:31 am
holidays. of course, we will be covering this story for you, hostess brands and a big fight and thousands of jobs at stake there. jim rosen is live with more. >> good afternoon. a spokesman for the national labor relations board tells us they expect to issue the ruling. in the wal-mart case on thanksgiving day. wal-mart is the nation's largest retailer and employer with post-1.5 million employees in the u.s. that failed last fiscal year with nearly 500 billion. the company filed a complaint in little rock, arkansas last week, with unfair labor practices on the part of the united commercial workers union. they plan to organize picketing outside 1500 wal-mart stores on this friday. it is effectively an attempt to unionize the wal-mart workers. >> the union may say that they don't want and they are not
8:32 am
engaged in organizing the effort here. but the truth is they would love to organize it. they would like to do this for a long time. they have been virtually bankrupted by sustainable labor costs. reporter: both of president obama selection have been deposing witnesses and reviewing documents, trying to arrive at a ruling in time to either permit or halt the picketing planned for black friday. a spokesman for the union rejected the unfair labor practices charge, telling fox news that unfair labor is working in full-time and weaving in poverty. unfair labor is being denied the hours support the family. jenna, you also mentioned u.s. airways.
8:33 am
1500 flight attendants have voted to go on strike and that goes to an entity called the u.s. national media board. if those talks break down, we could see the flight attendants walking the picket lines. jenna: we will continue to watch those developments. thank you. jon: from union station, the holiday rush picking up. not everyone wants to drive or fly. aaa expected 1.3 million travelers. more than 700,000 passengers per thanksgiving last year. if you haven't already made plans, you could be in trouble. yesterday and today, the busiest. steve centanni is live in union station. with a look at that. >> a very busy day here at union station in washington dc as 44 million americans take to the roads one way or another, taking the train, driving, taking the holiday weekend to see
8:34 am
grandmother or whoever. that is up by less than 1% over last year. a bit of an increase. for rail travel, business is booming. a lot of people are turning to the trains. the ridership hit 31 million writers last year. that is the highest number in the busiest day. >> last year on the wednesday before thanksgiving, we had just over 138,000 passengers on the amtrak. on a typical wednesday he will see 70,000 passengers. a pretty significant travel day. we are happy to provide that connection for family and friends across the country. reporter: if you are flying, you can expect flights at the airport. the planes are going to be crowded and aaa expects a decline this year.
8:35 am
just a little bit down. if you fly angeles, some airport workers are planning a protest. they were flight delays out of chicago because of heavy fog in the midwest. if you are driving, you are not alone, some 39 million americans are on the road, a point at percent from last year. the price of gas is high, about 5 cents higher. it is down from just a few weeks ago, averaging two about $3.42. younger people are not buying cars as much anymore, so you can expect an increase in bus traffic on this thanksgiving day. jon: thank you, steve, happy thanksgiving. in the meantime, the real-life drama for a young star of this hit comedy, "modern family."
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stay to millions are expected to fly this weekend, aaa says more than 3 million travelers will take to disguise. not all airports are created equal. the ones to take on the ones to avoid and how to get the best deals. we have a senior editor with orbits at chicago o'hare. how are things looking better at chicago o'hare? >> pretty good. they did have some pretty serious thought here this morning in chicago and i did create some delays. things are starting to get back to normal though. jenna: we are not seeing any fights break out in lines, so we will take that as a great sign.
8:40 am
reporter: doing a little reading about travel, you point out that some of the cheapest weeks to travel or during the holidays are a little bit after. when are they? >> well, a couple of weeks that you will find some of the best deals of the year on. the week after thanksgiving. everyone is taking a thanksgiving break and they are back to work. that is a great time to hit the imparts and the week after the new year. the first week in january. everyone is back from a holiday vacation and we do see a bit of drop of demand and the destinations. jenna: where are the best deals to be found? >> if you're looking to get away over the holidays, keystone colorado is a really great option. those types of vacations can get really expensive.
8:41 am
the great thing is there is no blackout dates. so hawaii, that's another great idea. consider the big island where demand is down but slightly and netting some great deals as well as some great airfare to the island as well. also, phoenix,, that's not typically the place that people think of, but the average hotel rates are just $120 per night. fantastic deals there, they have beautiful golf courses, resorts with amenities with spas and restaurants and it can be a wonderful thing for a holiday getaway. jenna: just a note about hawaii. if you are booking for hawaii, just be careful you are not looking in the same area where the president could be headed. because you know he has family there. i couldn't figure out why there were no flights and everything was so expensive. it was because the entire press corps was going as well.
8:42 am
great tips for us, we appreciate it very much. jon: we hear it a lot when it comes to talk about a deal on the fiscal cliff. the president can sit back and watch republicans shoot themselves in their feet. but maybe the president has more on the line than meets the eye. juan williams on fox how can president obama and his fellow democrats asked seniors and middle-class workers to accept major cuts in the safety net programs? that is the outcome they promised to stop the gop from executing. and how will the president explained why they predicted economic slowdown that could result from harsh automatic cuts in government spending? without a deal, the second term agenda will be lost in a sea of economic fear. and the man who wrote back, juan williams, he joins us now. bradley also joined us, a former
8:43 am
deputy assistant george w. bush. you are saying that the popular notion that the president holds all the cards here in this economic negotiation, that notion is not necessarily correct? >> correct. it is a hidden story here. everyone expects after the election, republicans are on the ropes because the president was very clear about wanting to raise taxes and the voters voted for him. but he promised people that he would protect them. if this deal happens, you will see taxes go up on 90% of americans. for example, 20 or 30,000 dollars, they would go from receiving money under the earned income tax credit to only $1500. that is just the beginning. unemployment, people have to pay higher taxes in terms of that, this could be a problem for working and middle-class people.
8:44 am
jon: back could explain why her people like john boehner say that mr. president, he won the election, it's time for you to lead well. >> we have to face reality that the american people gave the president a do over. the house and the senate, the same position we were in two months ago. the american people may have given the government a do over, but they don't expect a status quo. they want decisions to be made in a bipartisan manner. republicans are willing to meet the president halfway. but he is the leader of the country and it's up to him to propose a plan. it is up to him to provide negotiations and coalesce the deal. a deal can be made and all parties have to come together. we have to give up some revenue. they have to give up some spending. at the end of the day, it is probably a very good deal. jon: are you hearing any
8:45 am
whispers as to what kind of shape this deal could take? >> i think it's pretty clear that they're going to do something that will get us past the fiscal cliff. they will open themselves that they are kicking the can down the road. what they want to do is have longer-term negotiations about the big cuts. and brad was talking about potential increases for concessions in terms of actual tax revenue. that's going to take a long time. they're not going to get it done in the two weeks that they have before the start of the year in the fiscal cliff. so they will make some deals about extending the tax cuts in exchange potentially closing some loopholes you say the problem is not from the republicans, he could get more pressure from the right. he has been meeting with people like the unions, he has been meeting people with some of the liberal groups that have come in and said, you know, he doesn't
8:46 am
have another election coming, but they don't them to be sold out in order to get a deal and avoid the fiscal cliff. he wants them to put pressure on republicans. the pressure is actually coming from the left on the president. i don't think it's getting much attention from the press. if the president does anything they don't like, there are going to be angry people that voted for him who feel as if he has not lived up to his promise to make a deal that somehow keeps those tax increases from impacting, as i said, 90% of americans. jon: he campaigned and said let's make the wealthy pay their fair share. all of those couples who are making $250,000 a year or more. in a place like new york city, you decide we do not feel rich if you are in that bracket. they can expect to pay more taxes, i would guess come under this new system if the republicans were to say, okay,
8:47 am
here is your tax increase. >> it all depends what the definition is. i believe the threshold will be increased. if the democrats want to increase revenue, perhaps it will come in the higher income brackets. in the first quarter of next year, we also have another fiscal cliff. that is raising the national debt ceiling. so we better get past this crisis because another is looming on the horizon. jon: are cooler heads going to prevail? there has been so much acrimony. the white house, you know, pushing senator reid to get a budget out of the senate. is there going to be some kind of a kumbaya moment? >> i think there is. i just read the tea leaves and you listen to nancy pelosi or
8:48 am
harry reid, the majority leader of the senate. both have already said that there is going to be a deal well before christmas. i think that they know. pressure from low income people on the left. they want them to make a deal. again, i don't think it's getting attention, but the president is under pressure. jon: it is so fascinating that so little seems to get done and get the voters sent the same cast of characters back to washington to get it all done again, i guess. >> that's optimistic. jon: juan williams, brad blakeman. happy thanksgiving. jenna: on this thanksgiving, the latest forecast up next for you. plus, thanksgiving favorites getting a whole new look this year. one of them is the star of them all. the turkey.
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jon: there are new flooding concerns across one part of the country. a part of the country got heavy rains and snow. janice dean has more. reporter: hurricane force winds
8:53 am
through washington and oregon as well. 114 miles per hour. this is a series of storms that has been pounding the region for days now. we have another storm system moving in today and thing shoul. over a foot of rain and feet of snow. a lot of you are traveling, you wonder what is going on. well, the eastern third of the country looking really good. we had some fun problems early on across the midwest. those have lifted. again, the northwest continues to be inundated by storms with a little bit of rain as well. pushing through new mexico and towards texas. there is the main event. another system heading into saturday and then things will dry out. travel today, really nice across much of the country.
8:54 am
we are dealing with the rain and the snow across the northwest. if you're traveling, it's always a good idea to call ahead to. jon: a little extra time to grandma's house this year. jenna: janus is going to stay with us. you have a favorite food? >> this year, a couple of dreamers with an ice cream machine are giving holiday classics with a new twist. reporter: you can see the turkey on the cone over my shoulder. this sounds a little gross to me, would you want turkey in your ice cream? not turkey flavoring, but real turkey. how about corn and sweet potato? an ice cream shop owner just
8:55 am
outside of phoenix arizona has come up with a line of thanksgiving themed flavors made from actual thanksgiving foods. he says it's for people who don't feel like cooking. they can come in and get their whole holiday meal on a sugar cone. you can get a scoop of turkey and throw a few sprinkles on top and you are good to go. jenna: is this a way to get your kids to eat vegetables? >> i think that my kids would eat broccoli ice cream. jenna: i will try anything once. jon: you get to rule the cone and stuffing. jenna: i love this idea. i like the real thing. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody.
8:56 am
jon: put some on your pumpkin pie. jenna: john has never forgiven me because i made him sample fried beer. he never trusted me again. jon: one and served on the texas state fair, it doesn't travel well. jenna: coming up, an alleged terror attack on the country's biggest city. how is this helping to end the violence? we spoke with be in israeli ambassador and we will have a live report just ahead. also, do you remember this deadly explosion that tore through this residential neighborhood? leading police to call it a murder investigation. we have the latest just ahead
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>> reporter: rick folbaum in the control room. brand-new stories coming up this hour, a brand-new phase to the fighting in the middle east aster r*euss attack a bus in tel-aviv. we'll tell you about that. the very latest on talks for a possible long-term cease-fire. also the most expensive weapons ever getting closer to being combat ready. we'll tell you about the f-35 jet and how it can change combat. >> come on down. a model in a showdown with a program's producers. we'll tell you what she's won as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. jenna: the u.s. conducting shuttle diplomacy in the middle east seeking a cease-fire as rockets and bombs continue to rock the region. we are glad you are with us
9:01 am
pwa. i'm jenna lee? i'm jon scott. rockets continue to reign down on israel. a bomb blast ripping through a bus in tel-aviv complicating diplomatic efforts to try to come to a truce between israel and gaza's militant hamas rulers. israel's ambassador to the u.s. reacting earlier to the blast. >> we don't know who is responsible yet, jenna. we do know that hamas is celebrating. they are not only firing guns of celebration in the street they are giving out candy to children. you can go on youtube and hear hamas chanting, we want more israeli body bags. jon: secretary of state hillary clinton is in the region conducting a tense round of shuttle diplomacy. after an earlier meeting with the palestinian president in the west bank. fox team coverage is with leland
9:02 am
vittert and jennifer griffin. let's go first to leland in southern israel. >> reporter: jon you might say here we go again. another night, another round of reports that there will be an announcement of a cease-fire, no official confirmation in as little as the past 20 or 30 minutes we've seen major explosions d do dottin the skyline, this as a very long day of fighting comes to an end. the bus bombings have started again would be the easiest way to say it. in is the raw intensity that we saw during the suicide bombings. you can see over here all the glass that's been knocked out. this is where passengers were. while the iron dome has protected tel-aviv from hamaz's missiles it certainly did not protect it from this and once again bring fear to the streets of the country's largest city. >> oh, god not these tere owes in the street again.
9:03 am
i cross this way like ten times a day. it could have been me just as well. >> in gaza celebrations of the bus bombings began almost immediately with candy being handed out to kids and hamaz gunman firing into the air. israel's pounding of the gaza strip continues. the bombing of a soccer stadium a suspected weapons depot is 18 days into the campaign and 15 targets later there were warehouses of ammunition and other weapons available to hamaz jihad. they sent multiple rockets ones to d defeat the dome system. we are hearing rockets today flying out of the gaza strip. these are one of the thins that there can be all sorts of reports of cease-fires, but until there is actually a cease-fire declared, and for
9:04 am
that matter until the firing stops we have to wait and sit. and that's what we are doing. jon: the violence goes on. thank you. jenna: a good reminder for sraoe lan as we are waiting for official word on progress in today's talks. secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt with that meeting with egyptian president ham eumohammed morsi. jennifer given is live at pentagon. what was the reaction to the bombing. >> reporter: there was strong reaction and condemnation from the white house, the spokesman at the white house jay carney as well as from the state department and the secretary of state hillary clinton who arrived about two hours ago in egypt where she has been meeting with the egyptian president, morsi. certainly her job more difficult in the wake of this suicide bombing down in downtown tel-aviv. it's the first bombing essentially in the last six years, since the end of the
9:05 am
palestinian uprisings, the intifada. it's going to make her job a lot more difficult. aides have said she planned to be home for thanksgiving. it's not clear whether she'll ned to go back to israel, back to the israelis and palestinians after meeting with president morsi in egypt. here is the statement she issued in the wake of the tel-aviv bombing, quote the united states strongly condems this attack and our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of israel. eupl closeli am closely monitoring reports from tell louisiana sraoe and we will stay in close contact with thet net's team. the united states stands ready to provide any assistance israel requires. she spent 30 minutes with mahmoud abbas, some people question what role he has to play since he has little influence over hamas and what is happening in the gaza strip. the state department put outward
9:06 am
that secretary of state hillary clinton did raise with president mahmoud abbas the issue that the palestinians have been planning to raise at the united nations on november 28th, the issue of a palestinian state with observer status. that really is the background to this fighting. the palestinians were going to take the issue of statehood to the u.n. on november 28th. the secretary of state asking mahmoud abbas not to do so. jenna: secretary clinton certainly hard at work. we were just hearing that thousands of marines and sailors are now being delayed from coming home for the holidays because of this conflict. what can you tell bus that? >> reporter: well, remember two days ago we reported that theee whathat a ship has been stopped on their way through the
9:07 am
mediterranean. they were halted off the coast of crete. they were supposed to be heading home and arriving on november 28th. they deployed out to the middle east on march 27th. those 2,000 sailors and marines will be waiting off the coast in the mediterranean in case any americans need to be evacuated from the fighting as a result of the fighting between israel and gaza. it's very unlikely that they would be used, this is simply a contingency plan, according to u.s. navy sources, but there are three ships that are out there. those sailors and marines will not be home on time as of now, jenna. jenna: interesting development there. jennifer, thank you. jon: right now new questions for the obama administration and its changing story on what happened during the benghazi terror attack. top republicans on capitol hill
9:08 am
want the nation's top intelligence official to explain what they say is his co conflicting testimony from the original talking points that seemed to minimize the chances that this was a terror attack. the director of national intelligence told officials in closed doors that no one in the intelligence community edited out any referral to terrorism. monday night they said it was the intelligence community that made substantive changes to the talking points. which is it? four americans died in that benghazi attack including our ambassador chris stevens. chris wallace the anchor of ""fox news sunday"" joins us now. chris, there seems to be conflicting information from the director of national intelligence and republicans say they want to get to the bottom of it. >> it's more than seems to be it apparently absolutely is conflicting. when you said which is it i hope you're not looking to me for an
9:09 am
answer because i don't have a clue. apparently james clapper the director of national intelligence, the boss of the cia director testified in closed door hearings last week to the intelligence committees and he said he didn't know who had altered the talking points. he didn't know. he's the head of the intelligence community, and then on monday his office, the office of the director of national intelligence came out with a timeline that said in fact they did it. so i mean there is a kind of keystone cops quality to this but it's in the funny, because of course four people died and there is a question about why the american people were misled back in september just days after the attack and led to believe that it was the result of a response to the video by a spontaneous mob when in fact it was as the result of a premeditated terror attack. jon: right. on that point i mean some have suggested that this is, you know, in some ways maybe bigger than watergate. you've been in washington a longtime, nobody died in watergate.
9:10 am
we've got a situation here in which four people were killed. >> yeah, i mean, look there are two ways of looking at this and i've got even from emails. we had bob woodward on "fox news sunday" last week and he said obviously one of the people who uncovered watergate, that he did not think it rose to that level and a lot of people responded exactly as you just did, nobody died in water quit and four americans, including the ambassador were killed in this. i think the point he was trying to make, and you can agree or disagree witness, but the point he was trying to make is at least so far, and i don't think anybody is saying that we need to stop, reporters and members of congress from investigating, but at least so far there is no indication of corruption on the part of government. there certainly seems in some cases to have been, you know, a lack of for sight, for instance and i think most dangerously in the failure to respond to all of the warnings that came from our diplomats there, the fact that the red cross and the british am
9:11 am
bass see had all pulled out of benghazi, and we didn't. so there is really a failure to have provided property security for these people beforehand. at least so far there is no indication that anybody broke a law. as i say we are not at the bottom of this investigation but i think that is the point that some people are making in comparing it to watergate. jon: i know on "fox news sunday" this week you'll be talking to senator john mccain and he is fired up on this issue. >> absolutely. and understandably so. when they hear from the intelligence community, the head of the director of national intelligence last week he doesn't know who changed the talking points and then he hears from the dni's office on monday, well in fact they did it, you do wonder who is on first here. as i say it would be funny fit weren't so tragic. jon: yeah. well, it is -- let's hope we get to the bottom of it at some point. chris, thank you very much. >> and we'll keep pushing. jon: we'll be looking for you on fox news sunday. much more about the latest developments in the benghazi controversy. an exclusive interview that
9:12 am
chris will have with senator john mccain, "fox news sunday" this weekend. you'll have to check your local listings for the times it runs on the big fox network in your area. jenna: new developments in the search for a serial killer as a man wanted for questioning turns himself into police. some chilling details and what detectives found in that duffle bag he seemed to always be carrying. brand-new developments in the story that seems to be changing by the day. we told you yesterday that police are now treating this deadly house explosion as a homicide investigation. now word the case is taking another dramatic turn. the latest ahead. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day.
9:13 am
back to the news.
9:14 am
9:15 am
jon: some crime stories we are following for you now. new york city police questioning the man they are calling john doe duffle bag. he is said to be a person of
9:16 am
interest in a series of deadly shootings of brooklyn business owners. police say they have recovered a gun that may be tied to the case. colorado police say a missing teen may be a victim of criminals who exploit would be models. a 19-year-old aspiring model last seen october 9th. investigators said she spent most of that time with another woman they want to talk to. police and ohi ice chasing down a car in columbus, ohio. the chase lasted 20 minutes snaking through neighborhoods and highways. four people taken into custody. they are calling this an illegal immigration investigation. jenna: a follow-up now on a rapidly developing story out of indianapolis. police are serving search warrants in a deadly explosion that ripped through a residential neighborhood hours after police announced that they are treating this case as a murder investigation. rick has more. >> reporter: we've been tracking this story since it happened a week and a half ago.
9:17 am
we watched it as it was being treated as a tragic accident that killed two people and investigators shifted and called it a murder investigation beginning this week. and now we can tell you from local reports there in indianapolis that two people have actually been taken into custody in connection with the blast at this house here that affected so many other houses in this neighborhood. not clear who these people are or whether they have been formally arrested and charged, but we are told that they are from a mobile home community in indianapolis. according to neighbors police stormed into the community with machine guns. there could be a connection to that mysterious white van that the lead prosecutor actually talked to you about jenna on our air yesterday. they believe that man is somehow tied to the explosion. neighbors say they saw a white van parked for weeks outside the mobile home where the two suspects were apprehended. still a lot of questions. again, we don't know the status of these two people brought into custody. as we learn more we'll pass it along. back to you.
9:18 am
jenna: thank you. jon: a terror group armed with rockets sends israelis running from their homes and fearing for their lives. hamaz emerging as a growing force. how should the u.s. deal with hamas and its new influence in the middle east? ♪
9:19 am
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jenna: we're seeing a new dynamic in the middle east amid the raging violence between israel and hamas. changes in the balance of power are raising serious questions about the possibility of a long-lasting peace. israel's u.s. ambassador was telling us earlier in the show what needs to happen, in his opinion, to bring about a lasting peace. >> we are looking for hamas to stop shooting at us to
9:22 am
de-escalate so we can discuss long term arrangements, putting in a mechanism to prevent hamas from shooting at our population every month as they've been doing and paralyzing half the country. jenna: jonathan channzler is with us, welcome to both of you today. nice to have you. we are getting more reports and we got the same reports yesterday during the show that a potential cease-fire has been reached. we are not going to go anywhere with that yet until we ghetto figures word. i'm going to put that out there. again we are seeing the cyclery pete itself. i want our viewers to be aware of that. ed do you think peace is really the goal between the two parties hamas and israel? >> i think there are aspects in israeli society and in palestinian society that don't necessarily want peace, but there is no doubt about the fact
9:23 am
that the vast majority of israelis when polled and palestinians and the wider arab population when polled repeatedly endorse the need not only for peace but a two-state solution. that is a big deal for most arabs that in 1948 and the last century reject the existence of the state of israel and out right denied it. from that position to wanting to establish a two-state situation on 22% ever the land taken back in 1967 that is progress. there are serious constituencies for peace not only only the israeli and palestinian side but the broader arab population. jenna: jonathan do you agree? >> unfortunately i don't. i think there with us a time perhaps during the 1990s that it appeared it was going in that direction. it appeared the arab world was going in that direction. jordan signing a peace agreement with the israelis, the palestinians engaging in a peace
9:24 am
process with the israelis. since the arab spring we have seen a rise of new tkpwo*fts opposed to the state of israel. the muslim brotherhood which has come to power in places like egypt and in tunisia these are governments that are absolutely opposed to the existence of the state of israel. and i think it's getting a lot more difficult for anyone to say that the arab world is prepared to accept israel's existence. jenna: i'd like to you talk a little bit about this. in some of your recent writings you say listen, israel calls hamas terrorist. we call them terrorists, hundreds of millions of people across the middle east who are in these newly forming governments that are emerging from the arab spring do not agree and they need to be engaged and it's a big question of how to engage them if that is their belief, hamas are not terrorists and they too share the belief that israel should not exist. how do you ever find a solution in that scenario?
9:25 am
>> well, you know, jon is right that the arab spring does pose certain risks but it also poedzs lots of opportunities. in direct johns to your question, jenna the united states has excellent allies in countries such as turkey, egypt, tunis, qatar, saudi arabia. the most recent plan put forward for a peace agreement with israel goes back to addressing the most difficult questions between the israelis and palestinians and that is a saudi plan from 2002. that negates the point that it was only the 1990s. what we've seen is without egypt there is no peace possible. when muslim brotherhood government that we think is antethetical to israel is patrolling the borders, thus far
9:26 am
the indications are that the u.s. allies and the soft powers that the americans have in the region insures that we can broker a peace in that part of the world unlike any other country, and without hillary clinton and the secretary of state's presence in gaza and israel over the last 48 hours it's apparent that even egypt and other countries with all of their access into the region have not been able to curtail the violence. america is an influential player. jenna: you're making the argument even though we talk about the new middle east there are some things that have remained the same regardless of the new leadership, for example in egypt. >> yes, it's important to remember that the muslim brotherhood was one of the most anti-american organizations in the region. today it's one of the most pro american organizations in the region. that is a big shift. it needs to be maintained that way. it's important that u.s. influence result in not just greater israeli security but peace around the region. jenna: there could be a
9:27 am
difference of opinion on that jonathan about where this new government in egypt is going. who do we trust, who are our friends and how do we proceed. if he's correct, that we can have an impact in this region how do we go about that? >> i would actually disagree with his notion that turkey and qatar and egypt are influential. all three of these countries claim to have some sort of control over hamas over the last year or two. iran was able to smuggle in long range rockets via sudan into the gaza strip right under egypt's nose. either they were complicit in this or had no idea and were feckless. i look at mohammed morsi the president of egypt struggling to find a way to pwhreu hamas under control. he appears to have very little leverage while he continues to talk to his own constituents, including the muslim brotherhood egging on hamas in some cases
9:28 am
while also trying to broker this cease-fire. he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth and accomplishing very little. jenna: quick answers from both of you. regardless of what happens between hamas and israel at this time the ideology still exists out there that is anti-israel and quite frankly anti-the united states as well in this region, and it seems that we have lacked to really engage on that. you first jonathan,ed you second. is there anything that the u.s. can do at this moment? >> i think what's happening is broadly the right thing to be seen to be talking to both sides. hillary clinton was absolutely right to go to israel and go on to meet mahmoud abbas in ro in -- jenna: i have breaking news news. we just confirmed through the benge there has been an agreement reached for the cease-fire.
9:29 am
we have yet to hear details from that. we talked to the israeli ambassador to the united states last hour about what would bring israel to a cease-fire. we have the same question for hamas, what exactly is part of this deal. we are just getting the announcement about that and awaiting details. ed just picking up with you again, what does a cease-fire really mean if it is actually and it does actually go into effect. >> it's timely the news of the cease-fire. it helps makes me rest my case that a cease-fire can be reached that the u.s. is influential, that egypt has helped, that egyptians and turkey, are invaluable. will we see this as part of a process for lasting peace and initiatives on the ground building trust rather than undermining what the benjamin netanyahu government has been doing, both sides. hamas being terrorists.
9:30 am
if you're going to be attacking both flanks then you're left with no middle ground with which to build. that is the flaw of the benjamin netanyahu that resulted in more israelis being harmed more often than last year. jenna: the question you raised on what is next is a big question. jennifer griffin just got the news about the cease-fire. i'll get your reaction, but jennifer is with us. >> reporter: i can confirm that diplomatic sources that in fact and we are watching a press conference right now with secretary of state hillary clinton standing side-by-side about the egyptian president morsi. he has just announced that the cease-fire will begin at 9:00pm local time in egyptian time, and israeli time, gazan time. that is 2:00pm eastern time.
9:31 am
the secretary of state has not spoken yet, but according to sources who were familiar with the shuttle diplomacy that she's been participating in it was her intent in arriving in cairo, it was agreed with all the groups that they would make this announcement. jenna: it looked like hillary was just beginning to speak. we want to see if we can listen in. let's go ahead and listen. >> egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace. the united states -- [inaudible]
9:32 am
>> the people of this region deserve the chance. jenna: we are trying to hear what hillary clinton has to say. we are trying to work with the translator as you can possibly make out. some statements here from secretary of state hillary clinton announcing a cease-fire which will go into effect 9:00pm local time. we will continue to watch her and hopefully get her audio directly, in the meantime jonathan talk to us a little bit more about what is next, talk to us about the optics of this. hillary clinton making this announcement in egypt, with top egyptian officials of a new government. what does this mean? >> well first of all i think it's very important that she came out there. i think the egyptians weren't
9:33 am
able to do it by themselves. and so hillary's presence there really cemented this and she made sure to announce just now that egypt is resuming its place in the middle east as a country that can enforce peace. and so what she's trying to do is to insure that the morsi government can do exactly what the hosni mubarak government did for 30 years. i think that is incredibly important. what i look for now is what the terms of the cease-fire might be. i know that hamas was looking to have the blockade of gaza lifted. i'm sure the israelis were not eager to do that because it would probably only invite in more of those long-range rockets and other dangerous weapons. the other thing i would look for right now are iranian pox see groups such as the palestinian ge jihad and other groups that would try to shatter the cease-fire by firing rockets. it would be important for israel and hamas to make sure this doesn't happen. jenna: i'm getting word from the
9:34 am
office of the president about a call to prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel. so while this is happening this other news is coming in to our newsroom. and here is a little bit about what the president had to say to the prime minister benjamin netanyahu at this time. the president expressed his appreciation for the prime minister's efforts to work with the new egyptian government. jonathan and ed talked to us as seeing this as an important step in the region. the president mentioning that that was key to achieving a sustainable cease-fire and a more durable solution to this problem. we've heard that word over the last 24 hours, that was the goal, a durable solution. how will we know if it is one? >> excellent question, jenna, only time will answer that question. it's impossible to be able to predict the behavior on either side because the emotions are running high, blood has been spilled, and the israelis are rightly angry and the palestinians are rightly angry too. i think what hillary clinton has
9:35 am
done proves the point of indispensable american influence in the region and it proves that our allies in the region including theee skwreuplgs the egyptians and the ke kitaris are very important. if barack obama can't get this right now with his background and his name, and his nobel peace prize as it were i don't think anyone can deliver. the ball is in their court now to build the lasting peace that can happen. jenna: jonathan you worked with the government before. if the ball is in our court as he described what is our move. >> it's a double-edge sword. if we begin to launch a peace process there is only one party to do that with, and that's the pol. they are going to the u.n. to upgrade its position at the
9:36 am
united nations which has put things to put it mildly on edge with the united states. we are are very unhappy about this. of course the israelis are una happy about it as well. if in fact a peace process even begins the irony here is that hamas will see it as a reason to launch attacks against israel again. this is their mo whether the plo and the israelis were involved in a peace process that's when hamas carried out a brutal waive of suicide attacks. jenna: you don't agree with that? >> there was a learning point from that. the point to learn is we should not repeat the mistakes of the past. hamas and however much we detest it and it's a terrorist organization that it is an important player in this content. you can't have peace with just one factor. the american government talked to the plo in the 1980s when the plo were considered to be terrorists by the israelis.
9:37 am
the u.s. government was talking to and endorsing shin fain tere rhode islands in northern ire hrafpbltd mas abdel hakim al hasady should be part of the process and use it as a buffer against more extreme terrorists as a buffer. jenna: this is something that comes up in our own country as well about directly engaging with terrorists as a possible solution for some of these broader issues. your final thoughts on that. >> my response to him is if hamas wishes to engage in a peace process they need to state so in no uncertain terms. they need to renounce violence and make it clear that they are willing to accept the state of israel. they haven't done it. their charter remains unchanged since 1987. they continue to car remember out acts of violence against israel, stockpile weapons, calls for its destruction makes it very difficult to get to a negotiating table with an actor like that. jenna: a quick thought from jennifer griffin who has more
9:38 am
information. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that this -- that hamas and egypt were ready to agree to the cease-fire agreement exactly 24 hours ago. secretary of state hillary clinton was still en route to tel-aviv she had still yet to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this delayed the cease-fire by a complete 24 hours. it's not clear what she gained in the process in terms of what the -- what hamas and the egyptians are agreeing to that they weren't ready to agree to 24 hours ago. what we are hearing from egyptian official sources is that the israelis have agreed to end assassinations in the gaza strip to east some of the pressure on the the palestinians in the gaza strip. and in response to that the u.s. is going to hold egypt accountable for any rockets coming out of the gaza strip. but they are -- egypt only has influence over the hamas government. it does not necessarily have control over islamic jihad and
9:39 am
other groups which receive help from iran and serve as sort of proximate see players in the area. i think there is a degree of consternation amongst -- on the israeli side as to what exactly was gained, and will they in fact see an end to the smuggling of weapons into the gaza strip. that is really going to be up to this new egyptian government. are they going to stop the smuggling of weapons, including those longer range components provided by iran to hamas that come through for those missiles. i think it's unusual timing that on the day in tel-aviv when a bomb was placed on a bus, and israelis were injured it's really not like the israelis to agree to a truce on a day when they have sustained that kind of an attack in downtown tel-aviv, an attack that really we haven't
9:40 am
seen since 2006, jenna. jenna: a lot of questions about who officially is behind that attack as well. much more to come. jennifer thank you for that breaking news and thank you to ed and jonathan. we've had a great discussion about what is next in this region and the broader questions about ideology. jon: the phone calls are flying fast and furious between many world capitols, we understand that prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel spoke with president obama just this morning. he agreed to a recommendation to give this egyptian offer for peace talks, or cease-fire i should say, a chance. and then hopefully then there by doing calm the region. he apparently expressed his deepest appreciation to the president for his support for israel and his assistance on the iron dome system. that is the rocket defense system that has been so instrumental in preventing many of these successful rocket attacks from landing and hitting israel lie structures.
9:41 am
now so many players are involved here. hamas, fatah, the u.s. government, the egyptian government, other governments in the middle easts. what about journalists? are they playing a role here? we'll talk with our news watch panel coming up.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
jon: some journalists covering the violence in gaza are finding themselves in the middle of the israel bombings. now they are becoming part of the story. media outlets say the reporters were the targets. some say hamas was using skwrourpblgist journalists as human shields. we have judith miller who has spent a great deal of time in the middle east. a fox news contributor. brett stevens is a foreign journalist for the "wall street journal," he was editor in chief of the journal's post.
9:45 am
hamas says you are going after civilians, you're attacking reporters here. what do you make of that. >> there was one reporter who apparently was issued who worked for a branch of hamas. so it's hard to call him a journalist when he's working for a terrorist organization. then there is a building i've been to it in gaza where a lot of the foreign press operate. but it's also indisputably the case that hamas has been making every effort to use every kind of human shield at its disposal and you see it with pictures of rockets being fired from downtown gaza city just blocks away, if not closer to the central hospital of gaza city. jon: they are trying, in your view they are trying to bring attacks that are going to injure or kilmeade yeah people to indicate to the world that is reillys are barbarians. >> correct. every civilian death for them is being treated as a propaganda
9:46 am
tool against israel. they are in fact inviting those very civilian deaths. >> the israelis sent out warnings via twitter and we have them as they came out, warning to reporter -- reporters in gaza, stay waya away from hamas operatives and facilities. hamas a terrorist group will use you as human shields. then it says minutes ago we surgically targeted a hamas intelligence operation center on the 7th floor of a media building in gaza, direct hit confirmed. and it goes onto say the hamas terrorists weren't in the media building to be interviewed they were there to communicate with field operatives and plan attacks. they say they are giving fair warning. >> well they are, and they have. as brett said they have repeatedly warned skwroupblists to stay away from areas that are controlled by hamas. it's very hard for journalists to sometimes know what is going on, and there was one floor of a building that was clearly of concern to the israelis.
9:47 am
they delivered a strike at that building. one journalist who was part of the apparatus, part of the hamas media machine was injured but the others were not. sam sky lee of sky news who was also in the building said he had no reason not to believe the ids spokesman. jon: interesting, brett, a take on this that we don't hear about is the reporting coming out of gaza, which apparently is saying, oh, we are range rockets down on israel, they are running -- they are coul could are cowering in fear and we are wink this battle essentially. >> it's not entirely wrong. for abdel hakim al hasady or any guerilla operation to not lose is winning. they want to seen range rockets on israel and not suffering a decisive confidence. jon: they want to get the
9:48 am
blockade lifted. >> exactly. this was the same standard of hezbollah when hezbollah announced after the israelis had invaded that they had survived and they have triumphed. and it's what they believe. jon: they are stretching the truth. some of what i've said is true. israelis in southern israel are living in fear of these rocket attacks but they are pretending that they are far nor successful and destructive than they've actually been. >> in the military sense you're absolutely right. the number of israeli casualties is low but you have hundreds of israelis living in bunkers. you can count my words, this will be repeated in the not too distant future. jon: in the meantime we have a cease-fire scheduled to go into effect an hour and a half from now. secretary clinton has appeared publicly with the egyptian leadership to suggest this thing is real. what are the hopes? >> i think we'll have to see whether or not it's real.
9:49 am
the israelis absolutely need to see that hamas is able to stop the rocket attacks that have sent a million israelis into fallout shelters. they have to be able to determine that more of foger5 missile parts are not going to be smuggled into the gaza strip as they have been routine will he and especially even more so since president morsi became president of egypt under the muslim brotherhood. this is a very difficult moment for israel. >> i interviewed benjamin netanyahu right after the last cease-fire was declared in 2009 and he was unequivocal. he said unless we have a situation in which hamas is no longer able to import these robots we will have achieved nothing. now he's prime minister and we're going to see if he's not going to commit the very blunder he warned against just a few years ago. jon: brett stevens formerly with the jerusalem post and now with the "wall street journal." jude tee miller writer and a fox news contributor, thank you
9:50 am
both. and our coverage of what is going on on the gaza-israel border will continue. we'll be right back with more "happening now." having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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those treats sometimes you want but shouldn't always v you know what i'm talking about twinkies and the like apparently a last effort to reach a deal with the baker's union has fallen apart sending the company back to bankruptcy court for liquidation and putting more than 18,000 people out of work. we'll talk a little bit about where does this stand now this hostess story and whether or not it will survive. elizabeth mcdonald high school more from the fox business network. >> reporter: basically hostess is now in full liquidation mode, that means you're right more than 18,000, it could be as high as 18,500 workers could be out of a job this thanksgiving. that would stretch across 22 states, you're talking about
9:54 am
over 600 stores and depots and bakeries, basically having to be shut down and liquidated. what we're hearing at this hour, jenna out of the bankruptcy court is basically hostess is sraflg itself at $2.4 billion. there are a number of buyers who might be interested in buying the home of of twinkies and doll low madison and ding dongs. metropolis a private equity company. they bumble bee tuna. and another is flower foods, they own tasty cakes. it may not be the end of those twinkies or fruit pies. jenna: have you stock piled a few just in case? >> reporter: i am very keane on stockpiling twinkies, thank you very much for that. how about you.
9:55 am
jenna: i love the hostess cupcakes. >> reporter: outstanding. jenna: thank you very much. did you shake your head at us? did you see that. jon: i was thinking of the concept of a paps blue ribbon beer and a hostess twinkie. jenna: it wasn't working. jon: israel and hamas reaching a deal to end a week of fighting, the truce set to get underway about an hour from now. keep it here with live team coverage and breaking details from the middle east.
9:56 am
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[ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. the military. rick folbaum has more of this. reporter: this is the most expensive fighter jet, a brand-new lockheed martin made aircraft. accost $385 billion right now. it has put a bit of a cloud over the program, but senator john mccain officially welcoming
9:59 am
marine corps pilots that are being trained to find the f-35 plane. >> we are proud to have this plan is part of our fleet. reporter: senator mccain says things are moving in the right direction. the f-35 planes have stealth capability and can fly into enemy capability without being detected. hopefully all the remaining kinks will be worked out in the pilots will be able to fly the new fighter jets in the next several months. jenna: rick, thank you so much. jon: thank you for joining us today or it. jenna: it's a bit heavy with us. "america live" starts right now. megyn: we are looking at the


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